Coronavirus Disease 


The information provided below should not replace information provided by medical professionals, scientific organizations, and/or governmental agencies.

It is very appropriate for COVID-19 to be concerning and cause anyone to feel more anxious than usual.  The anxiety most may feel, would be in response to fearing an unwanted outcome. The  unwanted outcome regarding COVID-19 would be either you testing positive and/or a loved one testing positive for this disease (and fatal/financial impact of testing positive). Additional concerns for folks include the financial impact of COVID-19 (locally, nationally, and globally), as well as the impact on education and instruction of, employment, having necessary supplies, and remaining current with bills. All of these concerns and others not listed, are valid and deserving of emotional support.  As listed on this website, I provide telepsychology and I am more than happy to schedule a virtual appointment with you.  


In alignment with a proactive spirit, preventative care is better than reactive care.  If you are concerned about possibly having COVID-19, it is best to consult with a medical professional immediately.  Please be well in all you do, and continue practicing good hygiene.  

Is the Coronavirus New?

No. Also, it is important to note that the Coronavirus does not represent one type of virus, but rather is a term used to describe a family of viruses.  This family of viruses was originally discovered in the 1960s.  To date, there are seven coronaviruses that can infect people. For more information on theses seven types, please click here.

What is the latest information provided by the CDC regarding COVID-19?

Information continues to develop as scientists and medical professionals learn more about this strain of the family of Coronaviruses.  Please find more information here.

COVID-19 Key Facts from the CDC

CDC Record of COVID-19 Cases in the US

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