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Coronavirus Disease 


The information provided below should not replace information provided by medical professionals, scientific organizations, and/or governmental agencies.

The very word/phrase COVID-19 can spur multiple reactions.  While we don't know what everyone is thinking, it may be safe to say that many would vote to not experience the illness (for themselves and/or loved ones).  
COVID-19 has been a force that took the world by surprise, and it's uncertain as to when this will be an after-thought.
It is human and beyond normal to experience emotional ebbs and flows with everything that has come to surface in the midst of this pandemic. 
My hope is to encourage you to do a self-scan and assess if and where you are stressed, so you may consider different self-care practices.  Additionally, if you are open to exploring how COVID-19 has been impacting you, I am more than happy to assist you. 
Please be safe and well in all you do! 

COVID-19: How I Get By
In alignment with a proactive spirit, I believe preventative care is better than reactive care.  Therefore, when I am out and about, I wear a mask.  I got bored quickly with the White-N95 mask and decided to invest in masks that represent myself and brand. 
Another way I get by is by being a bit more aware of touching my face. I already did well washing my hands, but now I make sure to keep hand sanitizer as an addition. 
I am taking COVID-19 seriously, but I am also finding small ways to beat being confined to my home so I may get back to creating memorable experiences.
If you are concerned about possibly having COVID-19, it is best to consult with a medical professional immediately.  Please be well in all you do, and continue practicing good hygiene.  

General Information
Is the Coronavirus New?

No. Also, the Coronavirus does not represent one type of virus, but rather is a term used to describe a family of viruses.  This family of viruses was originally discovered in the 1960s.  To date, there are seven coronaviruses that can infect people. For more information on theses seven types, please click here.

What is the latest information provided by the CDC regarding COVID-19?
Information continues to develop as scientists and medical professionals learn more about this strain of the family of Coronaviruses.  Please find more information here.

COVID-19 CDC Overview

CDC Record of COVID-19 Cases in the US

Articles Related to COVID-19

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